New Zealand is one beautiful country, and Takapuna is one region that contributes to this grand spectacle of a nation. The coastal city has a lot to offer for both locals and visitors. This site takes a particular interest in Takapuna, narrowing down to the food, events, drinks and entertainment spots around.

Welcome aboard to learn more about the following.

Popular Drinks

Each city or country has those drinks that make up its party scene. Some of these are local, and others are foreign. This section explores both categories of drinks that light up the Takapuna party scene. It explains their origin and the party group they are popular amongst- women, men, young, old, etc.

Best Meals

When visiting or residing in Takapuna, it is only fair that you have access to the best food. This section takes care of you in that regard by guiding you to a menu of both local and foreign foods, as well as where you can find them.

Event Venues

You need to go where the best parties are to have the most fun. Similarly, you need the best venues if you want to host a successful event. Find in here a guide towards the best places for different kinds of events, be they casino-themed parties, birthdays, weddings etc.

Restaurants and Bars

The Takapuna nightlife is one to behold. There are great places that open early and close late, with cheerful crowds and music to light them up. A good number of them serve food well into the night. Get it right by checking them out from this section.