Restaurants and bars are places you can get refreshments and have something to eat. The main service is food and drinks, but some go the extra mile and provide free Wi-Fi for their guests. While enjoying your favourite beverage or meal, you can engage in fun activities online such as Riverbelle casino gaming. Wi-Fi Bars and restaurants in Takapuna, New Zealand include the following.

SmokePit & Buoy

The 4.2-star restaurant located along Byron Avenue offers free Wi-Fi to its guests. The food prepared here is top quality, and the service delivery is one of the best. If your work involves internet use like for bloggers and writers, the SmokePit & Buoy Restaurant is ideal for you because of the Wi-Fi which you can use while eating or waiting for your order.

Master and Apprentice

Another bar where you can take a beer as you enjoy a good internet connection for free is the Master and Apprentice pub on the Hurstmere Road. It is good even for a lone person since you won’t get bored with the presence of the Wi-Fi. Opening hours are from noon till late and, on Sundays, the pub is opened an hour earlier.

Florrie McGreals

Along the Hurstmere Road in Takapuna, you will find the McGreals pub. You and your friends can sip a drink here as you engage in online activities. You can access social media and news online with their Wi-Fi network for free. As from 11:00 AM, you can enjoy their top services.

The Commons

The Hurstmere Road hosts The Commons restaurant. The place is ideal for events and is located in the centre of Takapuna. There is a wide variety of foods offered. While you are enjoying your meal, you can use the available Wi-Fi for engaging in online casino games. The network is strong enough; therefore, you won’t experience any delays when playing.