Takapuna is a small coastal city in New Zealand. Its positioning makes it a great partying town. The town has a number of night clubs which can host parties. There are also other venues which can be used to host unique events. Alcohol is legal for anyone who is above 18 years. Drinks at these parties are served in plenty just like in any other party. They serve both local and imported drinks. Here are some of the popular drinks that make up the Taka pun a party scene.

Hopscotch Beer

This is a popular drink in many Takapuna parties. This is because the drink is made locally in Auckland. The beer company offers the drink in a keg form and even serves it using taps. The locality of the beer makes it easier for people to acquire this drink during parties. The drink is very popular among men.

Linke Barossa Shiraz 2017

New Zealand is known to produce some wine products. Wine is very much loved in New Zealand with Takapuna included. This bottle of wine is not produced in New Zealand. It is manufactured in Australia. It is very easy to acquire this bottle of wine as many online shops offer free delivery around Takapuna. This drink is mostly consumed by ladies and young couples.


This is an Irish brand of neat whiskey. This is a popular drink in most parts of the world. The drink is used in some great parties in Takapuna too. This drink is mostly enjoyed by men in Takapuna parties.

Corona Ligera

This is a Mexican made drink. It falls in the beer category. It has a lower alcohol concentration and one can enjoy the drink for long. This drink is used by both men and women in Takapuna parties, especially when trying not to overindulge.