If you are willing to throw a themed casino party in Takapuna, New Zealand, you have to look for an ideal location with the necessary facilities to serve you and your team for the duration of the event. Good internet is a requirement since it is an online-related thing. Food and refreshments are also important to make the event fun and colourful. Venues to host this kind of party in Takapuna comprise:

Grand Foyer

The Grand Foyer is a venue for several events including an online casino theme party. The place is spacious and therefore, ideal if you expect a large number of guests. While you are here, you can be assured of good food, cocktails and other drinks. Wi-Fi is important in the success of an online casino-themed party as you could decide to have a River Belle online casino session during the party. This facility is provided at the Grand Foyer.

Bruce Mason Centre

This event is ideal for an event meant to take place during the day hours since it opens at 9 AM and closes at five in the evening. An online casino event can be hosted in this venue since it accommodates both large and small groups. A Wi-Fi network is an added advantage for you since you will engage in the casino games easily with the free internet.

SkyCity Auckland Casino

The casino game venue is open for 24 hours each day of the week. Here there are physical casino games, but at the same time, you can engage in online casino games provided you have the smart devices. There is a lot of entertainment, bar offerings and food hence perfect for your event.

SkyCity Grand Hotel

Here, there are spacious rooms to host the online-casino-themed event. If you are planning a many days’ event, then this is the best place since there is accommodation, nice meals and also a free Wi-Fi connection.