Takapuna is a small city situated along the coast in Auckland. The main dishes of the people in this region are mostly from the sea. These meals are a delight to eat especially if it is your first time. These dishes are also very nutritious. Here are some of the local dishes you should try when in Takapuna.


The preparation time for this meal is quite long as it can consume the whole of your day to get it ready. It has two main ingredients which are vegetables and meat. It is a traditional Maori meal. You will surely get your stomach full by taking this delicious meal.


They are popularly referred to as lobsters. It is a favourite meal among the locals. The meal goes for a very high price. You will notice that the meal is worth every penny once you can get a taste. Catching a lobster is considered a great achievement among the divers and the fishermen.


This is another type of seafood. This is a sea urchin which has edible insides. Takapuna is the best place to have Kina as it is located on the coastline, thus making it easy for people to catch the sea urchins.


These are among the favourites for the people of Takapuna. They are sugar-coated balls. The balls are made using chocolate. They have also added orange flavour for better taste. Jaffas are available at any supermarket in Takapuna.


Takapuna also has a local meal that is not related to seafood. You will surely love this meal even if you are a seafood lover. This is the most loved dessert in Takapuna. It is made using fruit, meringue and whipped cream. You can ask for the recipe for this meal and try preparing it when you get home.